Why Metal Roofing?

Why choose metal roofing over other materials like asphalt or wood? Perhaps some of these facts about our Edmonton metal roofing company's premium steel roofing might explain why metal roofing is your best modern-day option to protect your home and business:

  • Our steel products weigh less than 1 lb. per square foot and does not negatively affect the structural integrity of your roof.
  • All of our sturdy products carry the highest rating in impact resistance testing and are built to withstand all weathers.
  • We offer up 40-year lifetime warranty on all of our products as a part of our satisfaction guarantee.
  • Our metal shingles are very resistant to curling, peeling, cracking, and fading.
  • We can install our top-quality shingles on top of any existing ones.
  • Our metal products are guaranteed to last more than twice as long as other roofing materials.
  • Our roofing products are made from 35% recycled material and are completely recyclable at the end of their lifespans.
  • With our layer of protective roofing, your home and business will have better energy efficiency as well as fire resistance.
  • Roofing materials approximately double in price every decade - choosing our metal roofing that will last a lifetime is an amazing investment opportunity.
  • Our products are available in a wide range of colours and textures including copper penny, evergreen, stone, new cedar, aged cedar, and mission red.

Our Edmonton metal roofing company is committed to providing you with the most professional residential and commercial metal roofing solutions in Alberta. Be sure to visit our projects page and see for yourself why our metal roofing is such a popular roofing option! Get in touch with us today to see how you can take advantage of these deals and ask for a no-commitment estimate! If you have any other questions about our company, our friendly roofers will be more than happy to discuss them with you in detail. You can find out fantastic roofing contractors in and around Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Lloydminster, Camrose, and Wetaskiwin. We hope to see you soon.

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